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Speaker Development Training

Make every connection count—in everything you do

Presenting in front of an audience, whether to three people or to hundreds, requires you to have a strong knowledge of your content and refined physical skills that allow you, as speaker, to make a natural yet powerful connection with your audience. Every speaker, regardless of experience or skill, has the ability to get to the next level of expertise.

Our customized workshops and individualized coaching sessions include establishing a strong foundation of skills, interactive coaching, and integrating a clear, achievable follow-up plan.

Customize your Content

The following content areas can be included in a dynamic, interactive workshop you design for a specific group of presenters, an internal department team, your sales team, your leadership group, or your entire organization:
  • Speaker Behaviors: Physical Skills Assessment (Benchmark)
  • Physical Skills: Eye Contact, Gestures, Stance, Volume, Inflection, Pace, Connectors
  • Presenting with Visuals/Ipads/Virtual Environment
  • Content Prep: Crafting Your Message Upfront
  • Speaking Extemporaneously: The Triangle Tool
  • Managing Your Physical Environment
  • Q&A Strategies: Keeping Your Message in Mind

Speaker Development

What clients say…

“Excellent workshop. Focused on a few key changes that will really make a difference. Joan was both teacher and coach. I will use these skills in both meetings and presentations. This program was really good – having a small group helped feel like Joan was a personal coach!”
Kristen M.T., Terumo BTC Inc.
“This workshop is a tremendous skill-builder and confidence booster! Joan’s unique skill in focusing on even modest changes produced dramatic improvement in our “before” and “after” presentations. It was impressive for me to learn the same skills that she used herself to communicate so effectively…”
Ernest B., MD, , Chicago, Il
“I have wanted this training for a long time! I learned great tools and skills applicable to both professional and personal improvement. Communication360 was great – just the right balance of nurture and nudging, getting us out of our comfort zone! I will use these skills often. This speaker training was very useful!”
James B., CenturyLink

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