“You are awesome. Vanessa and Tricia rocked the house this week.
Thank you!! “
Donna F.S., Sr. V.P., Spectranetics
“Thank you Joan for helping to prepare me for the Global Sales Meeting! Felt like I knocked it out of the park and dozens of reps came up to me and said I did great!! Thank you for helping to make a big day for me in my young career so successful!”
Vanessa J., Spectranetics
“…Joan was encouraging, objective, quick, and gave appropriate feedback. She specified the tools to use and the situations in which to use them. She’s an excellent coach and consultant!…”
Laurel M., Oakland, CA
“I first met Joan when she was hired by a company I worked for to help our marketing group with better communication and presentation skills. I reconnected with Joan recently because I felt stuck in my career and felt I needed additional advice and direction. Joan sat me down and really had me take a hard look at what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go and what would be the ideal job for me. While I was making connections to new job opportunities I wasn’t closing the deals and I didn’t understand why. With Joan’s assistance I was able to see how I was perceived during an interview and to make small, but effective changes in my interview style that helped me land a great job. Joan has a wonderful, energetic personality and really cares to get to know you as a person. She understands why you are who you are and makes sure you are able to use that to your advantage. I highly recommend Joan to anyone who is looking for a change in their career or wants an outside voice to move forward.”
Karen C., Marketing Manager, Sunrise Medical
“This experience has greatly improved my presentation capabilities and confidence! Joan was incredible! She gave great feedback and kept the atmosphere positive and light!…”
Robert K. , New York, NY
“This workshop is a tremendous skill-builder and confidence booster! Joan’s unique skill in focusing on even modest changes produced dramatic improvement in our “before” and “after” presentations. It was impressive for me to learn the same skills that she used herself to communicate so effectively…”
Ernest B., MD, Chicago, Il
“Joan facilitated an efficient and effective program that made us think and learn! She made today a wonderful experience…” ́
Eric M., San Francisco, CA
“This was very valuable time for me to work on simple exercises to improve my presentation skills. I would only ask for more time or having these working sessions more often. Joan was very comfortable to work with. It’s uncomfortable to be critiqued, but she makes you feel at ease. I will use these skills in everyday meetings with customers, peers, and the press. I think for market-facing presenters, this should be continually used as a refresher because of the value it gives”.
Tucker M. , Level 3 Communications
“This session with Joan focused on hand gestures, posture, inflection, eye contact, fillers. I will use these skills in future meetings, presentations, metro connections. Compared to previous workshops I have attended, this was excellent – great focused time!”
Carlos P., Vice President, Level 3 Communications
“Very beneficial. Good patience. Direct feedback. Great command of the material. Joan was very helpful in role playing, offering instruction, and managing the amount of feedback so I wasn’t overwhelmed. I’ll practice in meetings as this will be useful not only on my panel, but in meetings as well.”
Chris McR., Spectranetics
“I was afraid at first that I would feel horrible when “critiqued”. I was not at all! It was not about criticism but coaching and helping me to develop. I am thrilled and excited about practicing these new skills! Joan was coach and supporter. She took what I had and made it better, while adding some layers of skills. I will use the skill set to conduct more engaging webinars and to help me to use fewer words in every instruction I will deliver. This training on speaker development was the first since 1973! Yay!”
Allyson N., CenturyLink
“This program was valuable, organized tools for both improving my presentation skills and being able to better focus my coaching of colleagues. Joan modeled effective coaching and taught the skills and organization. I will use the skills provided in virtually all of my class time as well as with one-to-one interpersonal conversation. This was a great 4 hour class!”
Alan R. , CenturyLink
“I have wanted this training for a long time! I learned great tools and skills applicable to both professional and personal improvement. Communication360 was great – just the right balance of nurture and nudging, getting us out of our comfort zone! I will use these skills often. This speaker training was very useful!”
James B., CenturyLink
“This program was a little uncomfortable at first. I learned a lot. Joan was very good and gently guided us from the things we shouldn’t do to what we should. I plan to implement these skills right away in both work and personal life. Compared to previous programs, this program gave actual tools to use going forward.”
Mike Knutson , CenturyLink
“This program gave me a lot of things to think about and practice when I’m in front of a group to help me be a better instructor. Joan demonstrated the behavior and coached us on how to adjust our behaviors. Beginning on Monday, I’ll practice with the next class and observe the responses. Compared to other trainings I have been through, this program had immediate, interactive coaching that interrupted your train of thought. I haven’t been through a feedback loop like that! Pretty intense but valuable!”
Robyn J., CenturyLink
“Joan is amazing at her craft. Using a super-positive, high-energy, high-expectations approach, she provides concrete coaching and techniques that generate rapid improvements in oratory skills and self-confidence in public forums. Couple her customer-results orientation with a warm, down-to-earth personality, and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind talent.”
Stephen D.B.,V.P. Professional Services, CenturyLink
Excellent! Really brought me out of my comfort zone (but in good way!). Joan was fabulous! She created a “safe” environment, providing specific feedback and ideas for improvement. Skills will be used to present at our upcoming leadership meeting and in everyday meetings as well.”
Carolyn Hammack , Qwest
“The coaching and instruction was excellent. The videotaping was very revealing with respect to a “before” and “after” perspective. Joan did a great job of keeping us out of our comfort zone. I will use these skills giving presentations at our company Leadership Institute and teaching at Regis University. This workshop was excellent compared to other trainings.”
Art S. , Qwest

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