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Media Training

Deliver your message with power, clarity, and transparency

Being prepared for the press requires a skill set that allows you to control your message and the image of both you and your company/organization. When the media reaches out, your ability to respond will have a direct impact on how you and your company/organization will be perceived by the public.

At Communication360, we have experience preparing individuals and teams to handle media requests with both professionalism and compassion, while building positive relationships with news reporters.

Whether you’re conducting a press conference or an interview over the phone or in person regarding events involving your company/organization, Communication360 will provide you with the skills to respond effectively and with transparency.

Customize your content

The following content areas can be included in your media training private coaching sessions or a workshop you design for you, your leadership team, or Public Relations/Marketing Communications professionals within your company/organization:
  • Identifying different environments when dealing with the media
  • Handling questions from the media
  • Content Development: Preparing Your Message(s)
  • Internal Response: Are you ready? Who’s in charge?
  • Tuning into public perception
  • Preparing answers to interviewer’s questions
  • Creating proactive message statements
  • The Three (Must Take) Steps when Speaking
  • Dialogue Skills: Quick on your feet
  • Image Skills: Projecting a positive (constant and consistent) image
  • Final “Media Moment” (comparing final to “benchmark”)

What clients say…

“This was very valuable time for me to work on simple exercises to improve my presentation skills. I would only ask for more time or having these working sessions more often. Joan was very comfortable to work with. It’s uncomfortable to be critiqued, but she makes you feel at ease. I will use these skills in everyday meetings with customers, peers, and the press. I think for market-facing presenters, this should be continually used as a refresher because of the value it gives”.
Tucker M., Level 3 Communications
“This session with Joan focused on hand gestures, posture, inflection, eye contact, fillers. I will use these skills in future meetings, presentations, metro connections. Compared to previous workshops I have attended, this was excellent – great focused time!”
Carlos P., Vice President, Level 3 Communications
“Very beneficial. Good patience. Direct feedback. Great command of the material. Joan was very helpful in role playing, offering instruction, and managing the amount of feedback so I wasn’t overwhelmed. I’ll practice in meetings as this will be useful not only on my panel, but in meetings as well.”
Chris McR., Spectranetics

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